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An Alpha P.H.I.R.S.T:

  • Despite of difficulty shows PERSEVERANCE and stays on course of action to accomplish his goal.

  • Regardless of accomplishments, he displays HUMILITY and humbleness.

  • Because of his honesty and INTEGRITY, he is often sought as a leader.

  • In addition, he shows honor or RESPECT towards others.

  • He is active in his community by being of SERVICE to all.

  • Possesses the trait of TRUSTWORTHINESS through his accountability and good deeds to all.


The mission of Alpha P.H.I.R.S.T is to promote academic excellence, leadership development, social enhancement, and civic responsibility, through the principles of integrity, discipline, service, and brotherhood. 

Types of Programs Offered

Currently we offer a variety of programs and structured activities for the young men promoting male bonding, self-sufficiency and growth and maturity. The programs that are offered each concentrate on several aspects of life that will assist the young men in preparing for adulthood.



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